200 Dreamcast Games & Prices What’s Your Fav?

Dreamcast Game Roundup – What’s your favourite?

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I used to own a Dreamcast amongst a wealth of other consoles. In fact, I had quite the collection, then my partner fell pregnant (planned!) and I had to make room, I can’t say it’s a shame as the gift of life is a wonderful, etc, etc.

However, I do miss my old Dreamcast and beavering away at games such as Soul Calibur, Resident Evil, Head Hunter and more. I miss the good old days, hooked up to my projector and playing classics from yesteryear. I had quite the man cave, alas no more.

Rummaging through car boot sales in search of a Dreamcast bargain

That was me, visiting pretty much every car boot within a certain distance, searching for decent Dreamcast games to further my collection. The problem was in my area, the Dreamcast doesn’t seem to have been as popular as I thought.

Ferreting around old game stores and searching out some deals was the next step, that and eBay of course. I never even thought to try Amazon for old games? I know right? Dipsh*t some of you will no doubt be saying under your breath.

With that in mind, I thought I’d list all I could find from Amazon UK in terms of Dreamcast games. I’m still not at a stage where I can build my man cave replete with consoles and games from yesteryear. Tis a shame indeed.

I was quite shocked at some of the prices listed on Amazon UK for old Sega Dreamcast games. Some are over a couple of hundred quid! Which is a bit steep for most, however more discerning collectors might not baulk so much at the price.

There are over 200 Dreamcast games I’ve curated from Amazon UK

Hopefully, there will be something you might like, or maybe you need to complete your Dreamcast collection. For me looking through all these games it’s just pure nostalgia, and me muttering the odd “Used to have that, used to have that one as well.”

Either way, I hope you enjoy the roundup and please do leave a comment with your fav out of the collection, would be great to see what you guys and girls all loved from the good old days.