So you want to get hold of me at WPin UK? This is where you can do just that. Connect via email and let’s thrash something out!

What I like to hear about

I love reviewing things, please do note I am taking a step back from WordPress related products and am focussing more on gadgets and physical products.

Please note the following with reference to review submission:

  • I do not seek payment for reviews I do these freely, this may change in the future however it will not affect my overall process for reviewing products
  • All reviews are done without a bias towards a manufacturer or developer of a product
  • All reviews are carried out to the best of my ability and are performed as is. I prefer the honest approach, if a product has flaws I will mention them, if it’s awesome I will let people know that as well!
  • If sending a physical product for me to review please note if you would like the product back please include a postage paid return envelope so I can get it back to you!

Advertising on WPin UK

If you’re interested in advertising on WPin, you’re welcome to get in touch for costs and such. I do review all advert submissions and if I feel they are not within keeping of WPin, they will not be shown. Don’t worry I will review them before any money exchanging hands.

Submitting a product to be mentioned on WPin UK

As mentioned earlier, I am doing my level best to steer clear of WordPress. If you’re a retailer, be it in the UK or USA you are more than welcome to get in touch to submit a product to be listed on WPin. Please note I do review product submissions in detail. If I like the look of it and it’s viable then we can discuss the possibility of reviewing the product.

That’s it now get in touch!

Please use the form below to get in touch and let’s discuss some options 🙂