Middle Finger Candle

Like your candles a little more on the offensive side? Well, how about this gift idea for him, the Middle Finger. Show him you care, or simply wheel out this bad boy when he fancies a night in.

Give him the middle finger candle

Middle Finger Candle

Or why not surprise him as the middle finger casts it’s defiant shadow on the wall for all to see. Or just give it to someone you hate, whichever floats your boat. It’s available on Amazon UK for just shy of 30 sheets.

It’s the perfect f*# off gift for him.

Middle Finger Candle


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as of 09/12/2018 10:24 pm


  • Minimalistic middle finger candle- real Size Hand. The perfect fuck off gift
  • Made with non toxic Medical grade wax and natural colours
  • Gently packed in beautiful mail order gift box
  • 8.5 x 4 inches- burns 30 hours
  • Handcrafted in Europe
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