Star Wars Tie Fighter USB Desk Lamp

A Tie Fighter Desktop Lamp?

Star Wars, love it or loathe it there’s no denying it’s popular. This rather natty posable desktop lamp comes in the shape of a Tie Fighter. Can you say awesome? I know right? This lamp is the dogs danglies.

It’s powered by USB and the perfect gift for that Star Wars geek in your life. I think it should be called the Tie Lighter Desk Lamp in truth, but hey ho.

If you only knew the power of the Dark Side.

The Tie Fighter desk lamp is manoeuvrable so you can get it just right if you’re reading some Star Wars fiction or indeed working on your laptop or PC. Manoeuvre it to the passion of your choice and let the dark side light your way.

Senator Palpatine would be proud and a little miffed. You’ll be using the dark side for the light side. 

Tie Fighter Desk Lamp:

  • USB Powered desk lamp
  • Officially licenced from Star Wars
  • Imperial Tie Fighter is 60cm in height
  • Anglepoise – Posable – position to your liking
  • No propulsion noises or elephant noises played backwards with cars driving on wet surfaces (that’s how they made the sound)
  • Looks Awesome
  • I want one
  • Please, someone, send me one so I can review it
  • Pretty please?
  • With sugar on top

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