How does WPin UK work?

Find out how to get the most out of WPin UK.
Helping you save money on the things you love.

A brief overview of how to use WPin UK,
to it's fullest extent.

First of all, we don't sell anything! Let's get that out there right off the bat.

We curate products from the likes of Amazon UK, eBay and other online retailers. We highlight special offers and deals we think you as a consumer might like.

What is product curation?

In it’s simplest terms, it means we scour various online retailers and cherry pick the best deals and offers. Products can vary from electronics, household items, music, apps and everything in between.

We highlight the best the web has to offer, hidden gems and awesome offers you might need even consider. Whether it’s for you, a loved one or you’re just looking for inspiration for a gift idea. We’re here to help you save money in the process.

Why trust WPin UK?

Ah,Ā faceless entity! Why should you trust WPin UK? Well, when I say we all the time I mean I. WPin UK is a solo venture written by a forty-something that’s had plenty of experience buying online products.

It’s through that experience I can smell a bad deal from a mile away. I carefully curate products by known websites, not fly by nights that will never deliver the products you’ve ordered.

I take great care in making sure the products listed on WPin UK are genuine and from recognized marketplaces. Ultimately though it is down to the vendor of the products to ensure delivery. That I cannot account for, however by doing some research I hope to alleviate some of those problems.

Here are some quick tips on getting the most out of WPin UK. Pay attention now. šŸ™‚

More ways to save with WPin UK!

How else does WPin UK save you money? šŸ’·

View pricing history

We offer price tracking on products. As you go through WPin you more than likely see the image to the right (or bottom if you are on a mobile!). It’s here you can view the price history of a specific item.

Spot trends etc, it only works with products from Amazon UK, however, it can help you save money. How so?

Well, you can actually enter in your email address and set a price you’d be interested in purchasing a specific product for.

We then automatically email you once the said product has hit your target price, saving you even more money! Great huh?

Yeh, I thought so!

Price history

Example of pricing history on WPin UK


You’ve got questions and rightly so. Take a look through our FAQ of commonly asked questions and answers to them.

I do my level best to be as transparent as possible with WPin UK if you have a specific question and would like an answer don’t be afraid to reach out and get in touch here.

How does WPin UK make money?

I am a memberĀ of various affiliate programs from around the UK, primarily Amazon UK and eBay, plus a few others.

Whenever you click on a product on WPin UK and visit a particular store and make a purchase, I receive a small commission of this.

In no way shape or form does it affect your rights as a consumer. I’d love to run the site for free, however, affiliate links and commissions made help me keep the site maintained and hosted. Which does, in fact, cost money!

Can I buy products from WPin UK directly?

Nope! We do not sell anything directly, we just list products from various online retailers, its from these retailers you can make a purchase.

I'm a retailer I want to add my products to WPin UK

Thanks for thinking of us, appreciate it. If you’d like to submit a product to feature in the gift directory, please do contact us here and let’s work something out.